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Whitewater Rafting - BC, Canada

By Rob Moses/Senior Writer

BC and ALBERTA, CANADA – Canadian whitewater rafting trips through Banff National Park are an amazing ways to spend one or multiple days. You’ll find Alberta and British Columbia rafting trip options below that are tailored to beginners, advanced rafters and everyone in between!

Whitewater Exciter Class II to IV+(Morning and Afternoon departures)

Our main trip since 1992, more than 90,000 rafters have enjoyed this exceptional stretch of Canadian whitewater on the Kicking Horse River that we offer twice daily. Perfect for ages 12 to . . . well . . . our current record is 88! Not too long and not too short, it has satisfied Canadian Rockies visitors for nearly two decades. This Banff rafting trip has everything to please visitors, whether it’s their first or twentieth trip.

Rafters meet at our RiverBase Daylodge, arriving either by car or our bus from Lake Louise. There is plenty of secure parking on site.

Once there, your team of professional Canadian rafting guides will help you get fitted for all the necessary Canada rafting equipment, provided to you clean, dry and free for the trip. They’ll offer easy-to-understand safety instructions and teach you techniques for proper seating and paddling.

More than 14 sets of named rapids lie ahead during the next 1.5 hours of fun on this river (the entire trip takes about 3 to 3.5 hours). Named rapids range from class II (easy and fun) to class IV (very splashy, challenging and wet), with a wealth of fast-moving water and small waves for you to enjoy in between while floating past gorgeous scenery and towering canyon walls.

Battling through rapids like “Roller Coaster,” “Hopi Hole,” “Goat Rapid” and “Twin Peaks” are sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear. And the most famous Alberta whitewater rapid, nows as the “Portage” and “Shotgun” rapids, are long, continuous, quick and unpredictable, offering a truly memorable Canadian rafting experience for class IV to IV+ rafting.

Once your Banff rafting trip is over, we’ll get you back in your dry clothes, with hair dried and adrenalin levels back to normal, and you’ll share sweets, fresh fruit and drinks on our glorious deck that overlooks the Kicking Horse River Valley. Your guides and fellow rafters will trade memorable stories from the day, and may even use the time to start planning their next trip to Alberta and British Columbia.

Minimum Age: 12 years old and 90 lbs (44 kg)

  • Want private rafting? Try our new “Buy Your Own Boatload” (B.Y.O.B.) program.
  • Make this trip even more exciting with our “Smaller Rafts, Bigger Fun” program!

The Tradition Class II to IV+

If you have more time to share, then Banff Whitewater Rafting‘s “The Tradition” is the right choice. This classic Kicking Horse River trip brings together beauty and a peaceful upper seciton of the river, with more exciting rapids included in our Whitewater Exciter half-day trip. A delicious barbecue lunch is served back at the RiverBase following the trip.

You begin the day at RiverBase Daylodge, where your Canadian rafting guides will introduce themselves and lead you through the gear room to get you properly outfitted for your day on the river. A quick shuttle delivers you to the waiting boats, a thorough safety briefing follows and then we’re off!

We make sure you’re awake at first by crashing through the playful waves of the “Alarm Clock” rapid. After that, you’ll enjoy a serene float as we make our way through Yoho National Park. Banff Whitewater Rafting is one of just two companies that is allowed to operate in this pristine section of river.

Whitewater rafting action comes at you full-force next, with 14 sets of thrilling rapids to follow during the next 12 km (9 miles), all ranging from class II to IV+. In all, you’ll enjoy more than 24 km (15 miles) of incredible Canadian whitewater and picturesque scenery.

Back at the RiverBase, our catering team has fired up the grill to prepare your choice of juicy marinated chicken breast or a rich vegetarian burger, complete with the trimmings of lettuce, tomato slices and all the condiments imaginable. Fresh French rolls, caesar and potato salads, chips, fresh-baked cookies, fruit and other bakery treats complete this satisfying reward after your rafting trip.

After you share goodbyes with our crew, you may be drawn towards our River’s Edge Gift Shop, where a wide variety of souvenirs are on display, and orders can be made for a digital photo CD with actions shots of your day of Banff whitewater rafting.

Minimum Age: 12 years old and 90lbs (44kg)

  • Want private rafting? Try our new “Buy Your Own Boatload” (B.Y.O.B.) program.
  • Make this trip even more exciting with our “Smaller Rafts, Bigger Fun” program!

Gentle Rafting Trip Class I to III

For families or aspiring rafters looking for a milder whitewater experience, this is the perfect trip. Start inside the Yoho National Park and enjoy “the float less traveled.”

Six excellent rapids from class II to III mean this isn’t a Canadian rafting trip that ‘s all gentle and calm. You’ll be splashed and soaked during the 1.5 hour journey. Banff’s popular “Alarm Clock” rapid will surely wake you up just moments after pushing off the shore, and “Hopi Hole” will likely drench you and your crew.

Marvel at the scenery while your MPHIA (Mountain Parks Heritage Interpretation Association certified-guide shares historic stories of the area, early explorers who put it on the map, what drew them there in the first place and what they discovered on the same waters you’re floating on at that very moment.

Like all our trips, you start the day at our RiverBase Daylodge by taking our bus from Lake Louise or using our self-drive map with your own vehicle. Guides will outfit you with all the appropriate rafting gear, give you a thorough safety briefing, and shuttle you to the starting point inside Yoho National Park, where our specialty rafts await.

You’ll spend about 1.5 hours on this Canadian river through splashing rapids that are mixed with periods of calm, peaceful floating past pine, spruce and fir forests that line the shore. At trip’s end, enjoy fresh fruit, cookies and drinks back at the RiverBase after changing into dry clothes. It’s the perfect end to a perfect day on Canada’s Kicking Horse River.

Minimum age: 8 years old

  • Want private rafting? Try our new “Buy Your Own Boatload” (B.Y.O.B.) program.
  • Have a children’s party to plan? Make it his or her best ever with our “Birthday Splash” package.

Maximum Horse Power Class II – IV+

When your adrenaline fix can only be satisfied by the most exciting, challenging whitewater rapids out there, this Banff rafting experience offers you the best of the Kicking Horse River.

You begin the day at our RiverBase Daylodge, where our upbeat, professional guides get you upon arrival. You’ll be fitted with all the necessary equipment you’ll need for the day of BC rafting, and a short shuttle down to the river delivers you to our waiting rafts.

With a thorough briefing provided to rafters, we’re off down the first portion of the trip, our Whitewater Exciter stretch of 14 rapids ranging up to class IV. You’ll cover approx. 12 km (8 miles) of Canadian river on this section, but remember this is just a warm-up for you whitewater rafting thrill-seekers.

Your group will stop and portage around a non-navigable section of river, and then enter the exciting Lower Canyon of the Kicking Horse River. This section offers one of the longest continuous stretches of class IV to IV+ whitewater rafting in western Canada. Rapids like “Double Trouble,” “Town House Rock” and “The Nozzle” will provide you with a severe soak and perma-smile. This section of river ends in the town of Golden, after a total of 22 thrilling kilometers.

This Canadian rafting trip is best suited for whitewater rafters with prior experience, and participates must be over the age of 16.

Planning a special kind of outing? Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or just a weekend getaway with friends, we can provide you the Banff whitewater experience you’re looking for.

Convinced? Call 1-888-302-1117 to Book your Banff Whitewater Rafting vacation now, or use our online booking form!

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