Equipment Information for Whitewater Rafting Banff – Alberta, Canada

Whitewater Rafting Equipment - Banff, Alberta

Learn About the Best Equipment for Rafting the Kicking Horse River

What gear will you provide for me in Banff?
Warmth, comfort and security, that’s what you want! You’ll receive quality wetsuits, neoprene booties and gloves, warm fleece pullovers and spray jackets all included in the total price, and, of course, government-approved life jackets and helmets. Our gear is cleaned and DRIED daily, and replaced or upgraded frequently.

What do I bring to Banff?
Not much, really! We’ll take care of most of it. Just bring your swimsuit (having it on ahead of time is helpful), dress appropriately for the day of whitewater rafting and bring a towel. You may want to purchase some souvenirs or photos, so plan for that.

Where can we change clothes?
Our RiverBase Daylodge was purpose built for our Banff rafting trips with REAL change rooms and washrooms. Your personal items remain dry and secure while you are having a good time on the Kicking Horse River. You’ll never have to change in the bushes, alongside the river, or under tarps, that’s for sure!

I tend to get cold easily!
Our guests who are “thermally challenged” find that the gear works extremely well to keep them warm, but we won’t kid you … the mountain water of the Kicking Horse River is refreshing! That’s why we work very hard to keep you warm and upright inside the raft!

Can we buy pictures?
Yes, we offer a “same day” digital photo service. We want you to have the bragging rights readily available to show your friends, family and workmates who didn’t come with you on this Canadian rafting trip!

Can we bring cameras?
You should leave them behind and not risk getting your camera ruined on the Kicking Horse River. You can take some “before and after” photos outside of the river. If it’s waterproof, then bring it along! We also have disposable waterproof cameras available for sale at our “Rivers Edge” gift shop.

Do you have more questions? Call 1-888-302-1117 to Book your Banff Whitewater Rafting vacation now, or use our online booking form!

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