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Plan a rafting trip to Banff, Alberta

Research Your Canadian Rockies Trip with Banff Whitewater Rafting!

After perusing our Banff rafting options and choosing your Banff vacation package, you’ll need to begin the real nitty gritty of planning a whitewater rafting trip. Learn what type of rafting gear you’ll need for your Banff whitewater rafting adventure, and research what other activities will be available during your free time in the Banff, Alberta area. Also, take a moment tolook over our FAQ pages for answers to all your Canadian rafting questions.


Warmth and security, those are your goals when picking out whitewater rafting equipment for your upcoming Banff rafting adventure. As with all of our Rockies River Rafting trips, you’ll be provided the following items, clean and dry:

  • Government-approved, whitewater rafting life jackets and helmets
  • 5 mm, expedition-weight wetsuits
  • Thick-soled wetsuit booties (so you won’t need river shoes)Warm, fleece sweaters
  • Neoprene gloves to keep your hands comfortable while rafting
  • Hooded nylon spray or paddle jackets

Canadian Rafting Equipment

Rafting can be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Banff, Alberta, but only when you have the proper rafting equipment. We choose only the best equipment for the job and refuse to cut corners when it comes to selecting gear for use on the Kicking Horse River. Our “self-bailing” rafts are on the leading edge of raft design and perform exceptionally wellon tough, whitewater rivers that are so prevalent in Alberta and British Columbia. Our variety of models can be modified by the guide to use either our custom-made rowing frames, in which some of the crew paddle and some simply enjoy the ride, or we can arrange to have the entire crew paddling under the instruction of your guide. This versatility enables us to select the most appropriate whitewater rafting style for each crew, the different rivers on which we operate and the constantly changing water levels. Generally, we use our “oar with paddle assist” setup for our half-day trips, while our multi-day tripsare “all-paddle.”

The RiverBase Daylodge – Banff Whitewater Rafting’s operations hub

Warm change rooms, a large, sunny deck (on which to enjoy a hot coffee, bakery treats and a chat with your guide following your river trip) and equipment cleaning and drying rooms are the features that you’ll find at our beautiful new building. Located on 13 wooded acres overlooking the river valley, we are easy to find just off the Trans-Canada Highway, one hour and 20 minutes west of Banff, Alberta, and 45 minutes west of Lake Louise.

What you will need to bring to Banff

We will provide you with as much essential equipment as is possible, however, you will need to bring a few personal items for your trip. For all of our whitewater rafting trips, you will need to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Warm clothes to change into after your Banff rafting trip

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have questions about the Canadian Rockies whitewater rafting experience, we’ve broken down some of the most common inquiries into five categories below:

Planning your Banff whitewater rafting trip has never been this easy, or fun!

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