Getting to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

Visit BC and Alberta, Canada for Great Whitewater Rafting

Directions to British Columbia/Alberta Area

Lost? Not anymore. If you’ve booked one of our Banff whitewater rafting adventures, here’s some instructions on how to get to the whitewater.

From the east:

  1. Drive west on TransCanada Highway 1.
  2. From Lake Louise you will pass by the town of Field on your left (approx. 15 – 20 minutes & 26km or 16mi).
  3. Approximately 20 – 25 minutes further on from Field (about 28km or 17mi), on your left, you will pass the Yoho National Park entry gates for eastbound traffic marked by 3 flags and a small wooden kiosk. The driveway to our RiverBase is approx. 2km or 1¼mi from this point on your left.
  4. Turn left on Beaverfoot Road. IMMEDIATELY look for the blue & white sign indicating “Wild Water Adventures RiverBase”. Turn right. (Large brown building, green roof.)

From the west:

  1. You will drive east on TransCanada Highway 1.
  2. You will pass through the town of Golden.
  3. We are approximately 25kms or 15mi from the town of Golden. Turn right on Beaverfoot Road then IMMEDIATELY turn right into our driveway. Look for the blue and white signs for “Wild Water Adventures RiverBase”. (It is a large brown building with green roof, visable from the highway.)

Distances to Banff from Major Cities

City Distance in km Distance in miles
Canmore 26 km 16 miles
Lake Louise 58 km 35 miles
Calgary 120 km 75 miles
Radium 134 km 82 miles
Golden 134 km 82 miles
Jasper 287 km 172 miles
Edmonton 401 km 245 miles
Vancouver 850 km 519 miles
San Francisco 2050 km 1251 miles
Whitehorse 2514 km 1534 miles
Toronto 3563 km 2173 miles
Montreal 3872 km 2362 miles
New York 4448 km 2713 miles
Quebec City 4142 km 2527 miles
Halifax 5121 km 3124 miles

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