Safety Guidelines for Whitewater Rafting in Banff – Alberta, Canada

Whitewater Rafting in Banff, Alberta

Stay Safe Rafting with our Safety Tips!

I’m not a strong swimmer, or I can’t swim. Should I come to Banff?
Swimming ability is recommended and good health is required. It is your choice to come if you are a weak or non-swimmer and we have many visitors like that each year.

Will I fall out of the raft?
With an adventure activity such as whitewater rafting, there is always a chance that you may fall into the river. Here’s what we do to minimize that risk:

First, you can hang on to our safety lines positioned around the raft. Unlike others, we use a guiding system so that our guests can securely hold on and “get down” when the guide feels it’s necessary, but they can still steer the raft. (It’s technically called a “center-mount oar rig,” we’ve found it’s the best – two oars are better than just one paddle). Our guests can still paddle (four on every raft), but they don’t have to when we get to the big rapids. That’s the difference, and that’s when people typically may fall out of the raft.

Second, our safety briefings and demonstrations are clear, concise and thorough. We don’t rush through this just to get you on the Kicking Horse River. We want you to be prepared.

Why do you have minimum ages or weights (or both) for your trips?
Weight minimums are dictated by the manufacturers of our life jackets for use in Canadian whitewater rapids. Age minimums are either the industry standard of care or from our many years of experience and tens of thousands who have been rafting with us in Banff, Alberta.

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