Weddings/Honeymoons and Whitewater Rafting – BC and Alberta, Canada

Whitewater rafting is a popular activity on honeymoons and before weddings


By Rob Moses/Senior Writer
ALBERTA and BC, CANADA – If you’re planning a wedding or honeymoon in the Alberta, Canada area, don’t forget to make time for a fun diversion before or after the big day. Exciting Canadian whitewater rafting trips are a great way to celebrate this special occasion with groups of friends or family.

Brides or grooms (or even both, depending on the numbers) can receive discounts or even free whitewater rafting trips, starting at as few as four people.

The most popular Banff rafting trips for weddings are usually the Whitewater Exciter (a real bang for your buck), or the Traditional Day Trip if you have more time to enjoy the river and group time afterwards. Feel free to bring along your own adult beverages to enjoy back at our private RiverBase after the rafting is done.

  • Four people: Bride or Groom enjoys a 25% discount.
  • Eight people: Bride or Groom goes FREE.
  • Sixteen people: Bride AND Groom go FREE, or, if only one, the rest of the group enjoys a 10% discount.
  • More than sixteen? Call us for great rates!

You can customize this trip even further!

  • Want private rafting? Try our new “Buy Your Own Boatload” (B.Y.O.B.) program.
  • Make this trip even more exciting with our “Smaller Rafts, Bigger Fun” program . . . a Banff Whitewater Rafting exclusive!

Make your wedding or your honeymoon a special experience–book Banff Whitewater Rafting today!

Convinced? Call 1-888-302-1117 to Book your Banff Whitewater Rafting vacation now, or use our online booking form!

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